Amy Poehler To Produce a Pilot Starring Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner

If all goes well, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Billy Eichner on your TV soon. Eichner is teaming up with his friend and frequent collaborator Julie Klausner for a USA pilot called Difficult People, executive produced by none other than Amy Poehler.

Difficult People stars Eichner and Klausner as comedians and best friends living in New York. The two love pop culture and each other, but hate everyone else. Klausner will write the pilot.

USA has ordered a pilot presentation for the comedy, which could lead to a series pickup (as it did with Eliza Coupe’s Benched).

You know Eichner, of course, as the host of Billy on the Street, in which Eichner accosts unsuspecting strangers and smashes cars with Lindsay Lohan. If you’re not familiar with Klausner, you’re familiar with her work. She serves as head writer for Billy on the Street and has written for other shows including Best Week Ever and The Big Gay Sketch Show. You should also acquaint yourself with her very funny podcast, How Was Your Week.

This is yet another foray into producing for Poehler, who also serves as a producer on Broad City and the upcoming NBC sitcoms Welcome to Sweden, which stars her brother, and Old Soul, starring Natasha Lyonne. Eichner and Poehler have previously worked together on Billy on the Street as well as Parks and Recreation, where he has a recurring role.