Celebrities Get Personalized Spirit Animals

Stars & Their Pets
Celebrities love their furry friends too!
Whether you’ve found yours or not – spirit animals are a thing.

In fact, now more than ever before having a animal to liken yourself to is way cool (ask anyone, seriously, just take this quiz and get one already).

But while you and your best friend may be fighting over who is more like a koala, I’m here to tell you it’s neither of you because Seth Rogan has had that little bugger on lock since the days of Pineapple Express and there’s a perfectly good explanation for it…click the gallery above to find out why!

In all the rage of trying to decide which animal I was most like a few weeks back, I began to wonder why the same question had not yet been turned towards our fave celebs?

Of course, there’s a Celebrity Spirit Animal Guide on Huffington Post that will gladly match you up to the celebrity that seems most like you…but where’s the fun in that?

I just want to know if Emma Watson’s inner animal and mine are hanging out together or if they’re on the opposite sides of the food chain – simple things really. Is that so much to ask? I mean, if we aren’t kicking it as human beings, then the least I could ask for is to be friends with her in the animal kingdom.

That being said, not many stars have announced personally which animal they identify most with, but no worries – we decided for them!

Unleash the animal inside by clicking through the gallery to see which animals we think suit stars like Leo DiCaprio, Miley Cyrus, and Kanye West best!

Sound off in the comments what spirit animal you would have chosen for your favorite stars.