Connie Britton Dishes on ‘Nashville’ and Tonight’s Michelle Obama Cameo

As the season two finale of Nashville approaches, one very special guest makes an appearance on tonight’s episode: Michelle Obama. In our exclusive interview, Connie Britton talks about playing opposite the First Lady, as well as teasing us with what we can expect as the finale approaches.

Britton says: “For Rayna, you know we’ve been sort of building to the release of her new album and I’m excited because I think we’ve spent a lot of time for her character really struggling with having a new label and trying to get that off the ground, and so now it’s all kind of coming down to this album release,” which we’ll see in the season finale. “And for all the characters we get to try up a lot of loose ends, but then of course there’s going to be a lot of mystery, a lot of twists and turns.”

Britton, who is brand new to Twitter (you can find her as @conniebritton), also talks about dipping her toe into the social media pool. And I couldn’t help but ask how much of her day she spends reading comments on Twitter about her hair–which is perfect.