Cue the Tears: Ryan Gosling is Probably Still Dating Eva Mendes

Ryan Gosling's Loves
The hottie's real and rumored girlfriends!
While we are so very excited that our prayers have been answered and Ryan Gosling is finally back in action, we were sad to find a hidden detail that hints he’s still probably not single.

The Gos posed for photos during the San Francisco premiere of his new film White Shadow in a black leather jacket, brown jeans (which were stained… But who cares, right?!) and a pendant hanging from his necklace chain.

Now, if you look closely, the pendant is stamped with the name “Hugo,” which may not mean much to you if you’re not the ultimate Ryan Gosling fan, but to us, it means he’s still dating Eva Mendes.

Hugo is Mendes’ dog, and since R. Gos is a major dog-lover, it makes sense why he’d wear a necklace in honor of his girl’s pup.

So, while the couple may not be spending a whole lot of time together–or they’re just doing a really good job of not getting photographed while they are out together–Gosling makes it a point to prove they are still, in fact, an item.

But if this is really breaking your heart and you simply can’t stand it, you can always pretend the “Hugo” stands for the big-name clothing brand “Hugo Boss” instead (which very well could be the case), and you may still have a shot at the scorching hot hunk.