Sean Astin Claims the ‘Goonies’ Sequel “Will Be a Thing”

During a segment with Sean Astin on HuffPost Live Wednesday, Corey Feldman crashed the party via webcam to reveal that Feldman and Astin are much better friends than I think anyone anticipated and also some details about the rumored sequel to The Goonies, the ’80s classic in which they both starred. It looks like this thing is going to happen.

“I happen to know that they are actively trying to secure a writer based on an outline that they feel really confident about,” Astin said.

Astin played Mikey in the original while Feldman played his friend Mouth. According to Astin, the project’s future remains in the hands of Steven Spielberg, who produced and wrote the story for the original. “When Steven, who ultimately is the decision-maker on this, when he has felt the magic and he and [Goonies director Richard Donner] are in agreement, which I believe will happen, then it’ll be a thing.”

Both Feldman and Astin seemed game to return for the sequel and both claimed that Chris Columbus (the one who wrote the Goonies script, not the one who miscalculated the route to India and enslaved the native people of North America) will be involved with the sequel as well.