Stacy Keibler Responds to George Clooney’s Engagement

Clooney's Mom Approves
Actor's mother Nina says Amal Alamuddin is 'lovely.'
Stacy Keibler and George Clooney dated for two years, but couldn’t seem to make it last forever.  Then, less than a year after their July 2013 split, they both have found “the one.”

So how does Keibler feel about her ex moving on with Amal Alamuddin??

While US Weekly reported Clooney told Keibler “she would be the one he’d marry–and that they could have kids,” it appears she’s not letting thoughts of the past interfere with the present.

“Stacy is focused on her life with Jared [Pobre] and enjoying her pregnancy,” a source tells E! News.  “She wishes nothing but happiness for anyone she’s dated, including George.”

Keibler isn’t the only one wishing her ex-beau well.  The Monument’s Men star has received lots of positive feedback from his family and close pals about his engagement, including two thumbs up from Julia Roberts.

Clooney has yet to comment on his former girlfriend’s marriage.