Watch Hugh Jackman Interview a Younger Hugh Jackman

Hugh's Shirtless Moments
Hugh Jackman? More like Hugh Jacked Man!
Hugh Jackman has done a lot in 14 years. Besides receiving his first Oscar and Golden Globe nomination, he has also managed to play the same damn character for more than a decade. So naturally, it’s only fair for the Australian actor to reflect back on his never-ending role as Wolverine by — what else — interviewing his younger self.

Putting on a time-traveling spin in honor of his new flick, X-Men: Days of the Future Past, the 45-year-old sits down with himself — well, a version of himself supposedly hailing from 1999, the year the first X-Men was released — in a Yahoo! UK video and talks about “Huge Jackman” and his biggest movie regret. (Spoiler alert: it involves having testicles in his face.)

All in all, it’s pretty endearing to know that Jackman is well aware half of his current co-stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult were still in grade school when he first started filming the X-Men series.