Justin Theroux Wants a No-Booze Wedding to Jennifer Aniston

Jen Blames Justin
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Justin Theroux apparently wants fiancée Jennifer Aniston to forgo the fun ditch the drinks at their wedding. Radar Online reports that Theroux, who has been on a "health kick," would like a zero alcohol policy at the couple's upcoming nuptials.

The web site claims Theroux, 42, would actually like the We're The Millers star to stop drinking entirely. "The older Justin gets, the more he’s become a super health freak, and he wants Jen to follow suit. She’s definitely slowed down her boozing since she and Justin hooked up, but she still loves two or three glasses of wine every night. Justin’s hope is that she’s going to give that up soon."

Aniston, who counts vodka-loving talk show host Chelsea Handler as one of her besties, might take a bit more convincing however. The 45-year-old Cake actress told Harpers Bazaar UK in 2010 that although she tries to eat healthy, "You’re not taking away ... my glass of wine because I’d be devastated."

Radar's source continues, "He really wants her to quit and has been pushing for a non-alcoholic wedding – an idea that was met with great laughter by Jen and her girl crew.”

You don't say.



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  • Rebecca Enerson
    Rebecca Enerson

    Justin is trying to avoid his wedding turning into one of poor old Jen's drunk cackling hag reunions--she must be hideous when she is slamming the vodka and ambien bee-yotch talking with Chelsea and Reese and all the other nasty mean girls of Hollyweird-reese even has a police video showing what a hag she is when she is drunk-so maybe justin knows if he makes her choose between him and the bottle he might just get out of this mess all together-and as desperate as Anustain is for a husband she better just lose the booze and be grateful-after Cake I don't think it will matter anyway-ewwww-and her trying to force him to write her into a Zoolander- "jen and her girl crew"??? you mean the pack of drunk cackling hags don't you