10 Things You Need to Know About Zac Efron

Zac Efron's Abs
Zac Efron took off his shirt at the MTV Movie Awards.
Things are definitely looking up for Zac Efron these days! It’s been a rough few months for Zac, with reports of him entering rehab and getting in fights on Skid Row. However, it seems like Zac is ready to get back on track, starting with the release of his new movie Neighbors.

In honor of the film’s debut this weekend, we thought you’d like to know more information about this Hollywood heartthrob. Want to uncover 10 secrets about Zac? Check out our gallery! We dug up some surprising facts that you need to know about this leading man. 

We first fell in love with Zac back in 2004 as Cameron Bale on the former WB show Summerland. He was young and cute and we instantly wanted to date him! Then, Zac was cast in High School Musical and his career took off. His life changed forever and Zac gained fans across the world.

After High School Musical, Zac took on a variety of different acting roles. He’s starred in some great films like 17 Again and The Lucky One, and Zac’s fanbase continued to grow immensely. Over the years, Zac has become one of the most photographed stars in Hollywood. Fans everywhere want to take his picture and they also want to know what’s going on in Zac’s personal life 24/7.

If you’re one of those fans, it’s you’re lucky day because we’re bringing you some awesome info on Zac! We found 10 facts that you need to know about your fave young actor. Want to see what we discovered about Zac? Take a look at our gallery!

After scrolling through the entire gallery, let us know what you think about the Zac facts! Which one surprised you the most? Sound off in the comments!

Plus, don’t forget to check out Neighbors, in theaters May 9th!