Our Kraziest Kim Kardashian Kaption Kontest Ever

What would you do if you ran into Kim Kardashian on the street? Would you run away? Would you beg for an autograph? Would you, like this man, run up to her, and attempt to take a selfie with her in the background? Does BuzzFeed have a personality quiz to find out which one you would actually do? Regardless, it’s safe to say we’d all do something. Some of us even might like to write captions:

“Kris jenner will send him an invoice for that pic” – Kathy

“Distract her and I’ll take a pic of her ass – said the guy in the background!” – Tiffney

“Hey Kim! Imma let you finish but lemme take a selfie first” - Julianna

Maybe if i lean back more i can get her booty in this pic too” – Vanessa

“Desperately Keeping Up With A Kardashian” - Steve

“But first, lemmi take a Kimfie.” - Tabassum

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