Wardrobe Winners: Best Dressed Celebs of the Week 5.10.14

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We knew it was gonna be good week in fashion because The Met Gala was this past Monday and there’s literally no other fashion event in the world more anticipated or glamorous – and that’s the gospel truth. (and by gospel I mean Vogue, duh.)

It’s hard to tell if this weeks Wardrobe Winners were so fashionable due to a ripple effect from starting the week with such a bang at The Met Gala or if it was simply a happy accident, but either way – I’ll take it! Click through the gallery above to see which stars were bringing the heat in the style department this week!

With celebs like Blake Lively, Elle Fanning, and Gisele Bundchen leading the pack of Wardrobe Winners, it’s clear that the stakes are being raised higher and higher as the weeks go on.

There’s somewhat of a reoccurring theme with these winning looks in terms of pastels, lace, rose-y colored tones, girly dresses, and crop top/skirt combinations. These stylish stars are charging right through spring and head on into summer time and I personally can’t wait for even more dress wearing and fem looks.

Click through the gallery above to see who earned the Wardrobe Winner title this week and let us know which look was your favorite in the comments below!