Celebs Are Stepping Out of the Closet and Locking the Door Behind Them

Globes: Jodi Comes Out
Foster addresses her sexuality in acceptance speech.
Everybody’s doing it.

Ellen Page is doing it. Lance Bass did it. Rosie O’Donnell got done with it quite a while back now…

That’s riiii-iiight! Coming out of the closet as a celeb is continuing to lose it’s stigma and catch fire in Tinseltown.

If you haven’t been living underneath a rock the past few years, it won’t come as a shock to you that the gay community has grown stronger and larger recently.

Be it that we are living in an age where everything around us is evolving and changing all the time, it’s not surprising that we have finally begun to move towards the acceptance of all kinds of people.

What is surprising, however, is how long it has taken us to get to this point.

Nevertheless, we move onward and upward! And because of this new open mindset, more celebrities have been slowly but surely coming out of the closet, setting examples to those who look up to them and becoming role models for those of us who may not have opened their doors yet.

One of the most recent stars to walk away from the closet with stride is 27 year old actress, Ellen Pagewho announced officially that she was a gay woman at the “Time to Thrive” conference in February of this year.

Since then she has gone on to talk with Ellen DeGeneres – one of the first famous women ever to come out publicly  – on her talk show and let the world know that coming out has changed her life for the better.

Hopefully this will only continue to spark hope and comfort in the celebs and people everywhere who have yet to come out.

Check out the gallery and see the full list of stars who have come out of the closet and ultimately on top!