Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrating Celebrity Moms and Mums

Prince George's Play Date
The little one enjoys a playdate in New Zealand.
Hurry up! Empty your piggy bank, cash your paycheck, or beg for money if you have to! Sunday, May 11th is Mother’s Day and mama deserves more than a mediocre breakfast in bed.

FUN FACT: Although Mother’s Day is celebrated throughout the world, it does not fall on the same day in every country. So, while celeb mommies, like Olivia Wilde, are set to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, other mother’s, like Kate Middleton (who hails from the land of Her Majesty) will be missing out.

Thankfully, we’ve devised a simple solution to show Kate and her fellow British born mums some love!  Click through the ‘Celebrity Mums From The UK’ gallery to honour all the mums who have migrated here from abroad.