Beyoncé and Solange Fled to Costa Rica After Jay Z Elevator Brawl

Things are getting more and more interesting in this whole Solange vs. Jay Z elevator smackdown after the Met Gala last Monday.

It appears Beyoncé fled the country with her younger sister a few days after the incident, spending two days in Costa Rica.

Immigration reports obtained by the local paper La Nación show that both the “Partition” singer and her sister entered the country on Thursday, May 8 and left early Saturday morning.

The reports also show that Bey’s mom Celestine, Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland’s fiancé Tim Witherspoon were all in Costa Rica during the same time period.

So there was either a major intervention for Beyoncé and Solange… Or Kelly Rowland got married, which is probably more likely.  However, if there was a wedding, Jay Z was notably missing as Bey’s date.

And the speculations continues…