Mary-Kate Olsen Dishes on Her Wedding Dress

Mary-Kate's Ring
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We’ve been hearing more about Elizabeth Olsen’s wedding these days than her older sister Mary-Kate’s.  However, since MK is getting hitched first, there’s got to be some planning in the works already… And by planning we mean WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING!

Mary-Kate has been pretty mum on the topic of her engagement and tying the knot, but she did give us some insight into what she’s got up her sleeve–after all, she is a major fashion icon.

In an interview with WWD, the 27-year-old actress dished on the plans for her gown, “I’m, like, not even there yet,” she said.  “I think it may be a matter of getting five or six or making two or three and being stressed out.  That seems kind of far away.  We’ll take one step at a time.”

Making two or three?! Damn girl, you cray!

But the way she so nonchalantly mentions making several wedding gowns seems so casual to her, which could be due to the fact that she’s already designed a couple for some close friends.

Either way–whether she designs her own or not–the gown is sure to set the bar high for wedding gown fashion….And we can’t wait!