This is How These A-List Ladies Prepped for Their Babies

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Let’s be honest, ladies, pregnancy is no walk in the park. 9 months of morning sickness, crazy cravings, and swollen limbs is grueling, not glamorous. But, as I’m sure any mother would admit, a bit of heart burn is well worth the little miracle that is your pudgy, pooping, baby. And to all you expectant moms-to-be, who may feel like you’re the only one going through the pregnancy woes, rest assured that even pregnant celebrities have confessed to having a few difficult days.

Former Laguna Beach star, Kristin Cavallari recently opened upto E! News about her pregnancy with baby No.2. Kristin confessed, “I had a really heavy sugar phase there for a few weeks, and literally my husband had to cut me off of sugar because I broke out the worst I’ve ever broke out my entire life, so I basically poisoned myself. My body was in shock, but I had that with Camden as well.” Cavallari also commented that, unlike her past reality show, her pregnancies have been relatively drama free and added, “I’m lucky. Both pregnancies have been really easy for me, I’ve just been really tired.”

Drew Barrymore, on the other hand, has isn’t shy about the sharing the daily ups and downs of carrying a +1. The mother of 14-month old, Olive, has said she already feels the pressure of trying to juggle her work and her family life. Add to that her constant craving for Chinese food, and Drew is one busy mama!

Newlywed, country singer, Kelly Clarkson has even turned to her twitter with updates on her monthly journey to motherhood. According to her tweets, the 31-year old has faced her fair share of petty pregnancy problems.

The recurring theme with all these celebrity moms-to-be, is that the challenges of pregnancy are different for every woman. But, whether you’re inhaling pizza and Chinese food, or craving chocolate cake, growing a baby for 9-months is hard work! So thanks, Mom.

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