Kim Kardashian Posts Half-Naked Selfie, Shows Off Wedding-Ready Abs

Kim's Bikini Body
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Kim Kardashian is such a good friend that's she's decided to take some of the media heat off the whole Beyoncé-Jay Z-Solange thing and sacrifice her own body by sharing a half-naked selfie to put the attention back on her.

The reality star took to Instagram to secure the good deed, showing off some toned abs in nothing but a teeny-tiny sports bra, which even allows us to see a hint of under-boob, too (hooray)!

Kim captioned the photo, "Just got done with my morning workout."

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared the photo with less than two weeks to go until she walks down the aisle and ties the knot with Kanye West.  But let's be real:  Getting hitched is the least nerve-wrecking part of it all.  It's all about the dress and how she looks in the dress.

The star has been working on her fitness constantly to ensure she looks flawless in her "elite" designer wedding gown, and it looks like it's been working!

Take that, all you fake magazine tabloids who say Kim won't fit in her dress!



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  • kvakaloloma

    Tmz just suckz. Honestly people talking should start re-evaluate what they say before opening their mouths. If girl wanna have 3 bridal showers. Go ahead. If fiancee wants to give her a "wall of Flower instead of a heart shape one" thats his choice. Well it certainly got YOUR attentionTMZ!! Something to talk about. Kim kardashian is hot. She gives u guys something to talk about and a run for ur money. Reality Tv star or Not!! Who cares. She makes headlines she wrks hard to get what she wants and where she wants to be. And she dosent care what we say or who says. Coz in the end. She has her husband to be and a beautifull daughter and supportive family. Who are we to really judge. If you really cared!! Then do something positive or say something positive. Dosent solve anything or ur selfless feelings when u speak non sense. #TeamKimye

  • Jessica Howe
    Jessica Howe

    Totally Jealous. Wish I had abs like that after my kids!