Who Is the One True Queen?

Is Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Britney Spears, or Katy Perry the One True Queen?

If you are a fan of Celebuzz on Facebook and Twitter — and you should be! — you will by now have noticed that we call a great many number of pop stars "Queen." In turn, we have noticed that, though most of you seem to enjoy this, there are a few readers who have used words and phrases like "annoying" and "She is not a queen" and "GODDAMMIT STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" every time we use "the q word." So, we want to know: if not all of these pop stars are queens, then who is the One True Queen? Please tell us by voting after the jump.

Vote for the One True Queen below. Please click through to the results page to see if you were right or wrong.

Hahahahahahahaha, suckers!



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  • Cindirellas Delia
    Cindirellas Delia

    Britney the best of the best ! She born to show us her music ! Britney already it's princess and will be 4ever !so Bitches britney it's the queen

  • Catarina Guimarães Faria
    Catarina Guimarães Faria

    how the hell is Katy Perry leading this poll????????? BOW DOWN TO QUEEN BRITNEY!!

  • Ally Nacianceno
    Ally Nacianceno

    Britney is better. She can dance and sing and a mother of two but still looks so fly. Bow down ya'll

  • Matt Germanotta
    Matt Germanotta

    Britney is the Queen B! Y'all need to Bow Down to Godney!! <3

  • Yllza Bajraktari
    Yllza Bajraktari

    Do we really have to do this. ITS BRITNEY BITCH. Bow down for the Queen. She always will be :)

  • João Eduardo Roehe
    João Eduardo Roehe

    Bitch, please, the ONLY Queen is MADONNA!!!

  • Ashley Smart
    Ashley Smart

    How about Queen Elizabeth II of England. Being a celebrity doesn't make you royalty. It is actually quite offensive considering we left the shackles of monarchy to form this country. Morons.

  • sevas898

    MADONNA is the queen, they are princess. :)

  • Andres Soloza
    Andres Soloza

    Que onda lady gaga y katy perry son solo artistas del momento porque estan en esta seleccion... Britney-beyonce-rihanna-kylie-cristina estas chicas si se merecen ese puesto ( no tanto rihanna)

  • Patrick J. Perez
    Patrick J. Perez

    NONE! Mariah Carey is QUEEN!

  • Chelsea Underwood
    Chelsea Underwood

    How many times do we need to prove Brit is the Queen? She already won like a week or two ago....

  • Francisco Andrés Arriagada
    Francisco Andrés Arriagada

    pfff todos sabemos que la reina es MADONNA y su única sucesora es BRITNEY.

  • Clemalyn Noel
    Clemalyn Noel


  • Michelle Santana
    Michelle Santana

    Katy Perry, Queen? haha It's Britney Bitch!

  • Gaspard Labastie
    Gaspard Labastie

    The one and only, Britney

  • Deilson Liima
    Deilson Liima

    Britney Spears ♡ Brasil ♡

  • Emilia Fiks
    Emilia Fiks

    britney queen and pirncess

  • Luisittoh Spears
    Luisittoh Spears

    Only One Queen... Britney Bitch!!!!

  • Dyego Dimitri
    Dyego Dimitri


  • Marcelo Mars
  • Malcolm Agius
    Malcolm Agius

    Here Comes The Smasher, Here Comes The Master = Britney Spears

  • Sola Demir
    Sola Demir

    Queen B = Queen Beyoncé