Another N’Sync Reunion Is Happening Sooner Than You Think

Justin Talks N'Sync
Justin Timberlake talks about his departure.
After N’Sync wet our whistles with their reunion performance at the 2013 MTV VMAs, every millennial out there has been craving for more from the 90s boy band. Apparently, the wait will soon be over because Lance Bass has confirmed that Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone will be reuniting once more.

Speaking to Celebuzz at the grand opening of Lisa Vanderpump’s new restaurant, PUMP, the “Bye Bye Bye” singer says that his former bandmates have all been invited to his upcoming nuptials with fiancé Michael Turchin.

“There’ll be a reunion at the wedding, that’s for sure!” Bass revealed. “All the guys will be there!”

“We finally met with the wedding planner and started the process,” he continued, adding that he had began planning for the actual ceremony just three days ago. “I think we have our venue. We’re really excited. It’s going to be a beautiful wedding.”

Reminiscing about the old days, the 35-year-old also spoke about Timberlake’s departure from the music group and how he “cannot be more proud” of his friend today.

“We saw each other every day for years,” he said. “It’s a family. It has got to be hard to say goodbye to that big piece of you.”

Well, it looks like it wasn’t goodbye after all!