Sorry, Ladies: Ed Sheeran is Off the Market! Find Out if Taylor Approves

It’s a sad day for Ed Sheeran super-fans. He officially confirmed that he is taken, and what a lucky girl she is!  I mean, to be serenaded by his beautiful voice whenever she wants… Jealous!

But don’t get too worked up just yet.  While he won’t dish about who the lucky lady is, he confessed he refuses to sing to her privately.

“I don’t like to sing to her in private because that’s really creepy and weird,” he said while talking to KIIS FM.  “If someone did that to you, like legitimately, if someone sat you down, like ‘hey baby, I’ll come play some…’ You’d be a bit awkward, right?”

UM… NO! Not if it’s you, Ed Sheeran!

And although he wouldn’t tell us who she is, he assured us he’s already introduced her to bestie Taylor Swift (they dined together at a London restaurant not too long ago), and she totally approves.

“[Taylor] likes her,” he beamed.


But girlfriends aren’t the only new thing Sheeran’s got going on!  Apparently he’s been working on some upcoming music with Hilary Duff, who tweeted a photo with the red-headed singer late last night.  He also confirmed to Hollywire that a collaboration with Demi Lovato is in the near future!

Looks like Ed’s got his hands full these days!