Watch: Kylie Minogue, Amber Heard, Steve Buscemi and More Join iO Tillett Wright for We Are You Campaign

Celebs On Gay Marriage
Celebs on Obama's support of same-sex marriage.
Kylie Minogue and friends have joined forces to help New York artist iO Tillett Wright and her important mission.

Minogue, along with Amber Heard, Steve Buscemi, Penn Badgley and singer Sia, are just some of the famous faces appearing in a new video for Wright’s We Are You campaign, launched this week.

The campaign supports Wright’s Self Evident Truths project, which aims to capture 10,000 faces across the LGBTQ spectrum. Her plan is to showcase — and humanize — these faces at the historic National Mall in Washington, D.C. in Spring 2016.

To date, more than 4,600 faces have been photographed, with nearly 900 faces sponsored. Each photo can be sponsored with the purchase of a We Are You t-shirt. Stickers and tote bags are also up for grabs.

Support Wright and her We Are You campaign at the Self Evident Project website and follow the cause on Twitter.