The Best Internet Reactions to Solange Attacking Jay Z and Other Funny Things

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Though I am certain there are many important things happening around the world, let’s be honest: this week belongs to Solange, Jay Z, and Beyoncé. Was anyone talking about anything else? No, not really. The internet responded swiftly and  amazingly to the footage of Solange going off on Jay Z in an elevator as Beyoncé stood quietly by, and the glorious proof of said response is after the jump (along with some good Sad Batfleck memes). Enjoy. (And how could you not?)

And while the Solange story ate up most of our attention, other things happened this week too. Like the unveiling of Ben Affleck’s Batman vs. Superman costume. This inspired the Sad Batfleck meme:

And that’s it for this week, friends! See you next week, and until then — steer clear of elevators