Spring Hair Inspiration: How to Get Emma Watson’s Messy Chignon

Emma Watson is literally everything to me… Seriously. Everything she does is perfection in my eyes.

And she proved my obsession is totally reasonable yet again at Prince William’s Charity Dinner earlier this week, out-dressing fashion goddesses like Cate Blanchett and Kate Moss.

But it wasn’t even her outfit that originally caught my eye.  I was too overwhelmed with joy looking at her perfectly distressed low chignon–something every woman needs to attempt this spring!

So what’s to love about this style? Well, everything.  But I’d say the best thing about it is that you don’t even need to wash your hair to get the look (remember: the dirtier the hair the healthier!).  All you need to do is have some braiding, bunning and pinning skills.  Here’s how to get it, step-by-step:

  1. Add dry shampoo.  Adding dry shampoo (or baby powder works, too) gives your hair texture and makes it easier to pin and pull back.
  2. Part.  Part your hair in the middle or off to the side, whichever you prefer.
  3. Separate into two pony tails.  Pull your hair into two pony tails, creating a high pony and a low pony tail.
  4. Pull the low pony tail into a low bun.  Create a “loop” bun–like you’re about to make a pony tail, but you don’t pull the hair all the way through.
  5. Take out the high pony separate the left and right side.
  6. Leave two 1/2 inch strands from the left and right side untouched until step 9. They will be hanging in the front of your face…You know, 90’s style.
  7. Pull the rest of the left and right sides over the low bun.  Take the right side and pull it over the left side of the low bun, pinning it into your little loop.  Then do the same with the left, criss-crossing the two pieces.
  8. Pin any loose ends.  Take strands that are sticking out from under your bun and pin them underneath so they are hidden.
  9. Twist or Braid back the two 90s strands.  You can leave a little hair out when you do this, too! I prefer hair surrounding my face.
  10. Hairspray the s%^t out of it!

Now it’s time to get to styling! Good luck!