Drake Bell Slams Justin Bieber (Again) Over Alleged Attempted Robbery

Drake Bell can’t help but get himself all up in Justin Bieber’s business.

The 27-year-old actor took to Twitter Thursday to slam the “Baby” crooner yet AGAIN.  This time over his latest controversy stemming from an alleged attempted robbery earlier this week.


Bell inserts a screenshot of an article on the Biebs’ legal trouble along with the caption, “When will it end??!! Are we really STILL putting up with this?”

The tweet is part of a long lasting feud between Bell and Bieber, which has mostly been instigated by Drake’s constant commentary about the controversial singer (although he tries to deny there’s any beef going on at all).

Most recently Bieber crashed the actor’s album release party, teasing Drake with several Instagram photos and tweets.

Looks like this feud won’t be over any time soon.