Meet Zac Efron’s Real-Life Neighbor (Spoiler Alert: He’s Also Famous and Likes to Throw Eggs)

Zac Talks 'Neighbors'
Zac Efron discusses dildos and going full frontal.
With his movie, Neighbors, still riding high at the box office, Zac Efron decided it was good time to introduce to the world the man who really lives beside him. And no, it’s unfortunately not Seth Rogen.

In a new Instagram video, the former High School Musical star turns the camera onto his real-life neighbor, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Charlie Day.

“All jokes aside, let me introduce my real neighbor – Charlie Day,” Efron captions the clip.

But judging by Day’s reaction to the whole thing, don’t you think he’s more suited to be living beside Justin Bieber?

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