Rachel Roy Tweets Jay Z Lyrics, As Her Role in Solange Elevator Fight Emerges

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Will this Solange/Jay Z elevator drama never end?

Rachel Roy, the designer who recently became the center of the Solange/Jay Z scandal, got herself caught in a little Twitter debacle after posting a Jay Z lyric.

On Wednesday, in efforts to promote her new summer clothing line, the star tweeted:

"Beach is Better" is a song on Jay’s latest album … But according to Roy, there was nothing behind the tweet. She tried to clear things up with the following tweet:


Roy’s background with Jay Z is an interesting one. Roy was previously married to Jay Z’s former business partner Damon Dash. Also, as Wendy Williams’ noted in her extensive theorizing, Dash and Jay Z, allegedly, used to pass around interns and other female office employees between them and Roy was an intern at one point.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that before Solange attacked Jay Z in a hotel elevator following the Met Gala, she also went in on Roy, and that Beyonce “got in the middle of it.”

An insider claims Roy is concerned that the negative reports about her and Jay Z could ultimately affect her business. "She's worried this story could ruin her career and hurt her socially," another source said.



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  • Challz Brown
    Challz Brown

    These are some of the dumbest comments... three in a row... that I have ever seen, and that saying alot since this is the internet.

  • Evett M Taylor
    Evett M Taylor

    I say that roy needs to back off another women's man and fyi a real man cant be takin soooo if jay z wants that shit instead of his wife there is no better revenge of letting her have him because as I said real men can be caught up in another relationship when they cant even take care of the one they already have .

  • Chez Alexander
    Chez Alexander

    Wow, a fashion designer who has everything still clinging to the world of rap and ghetto mentality. Move on people. There is a huge world out there beyond being a hood rat.

  • Sara James
    Sara James

    Rachel better be careful Solange has a screw loose and may snatch her weave.