That Time Emily Blunt Took Tom Cruise to a ‘Sex Club’

Tom Cruise got a little more than he bargained for when he agreed to celebrate Matt Damon’s birthday with mutual pal Emily Blunt.

The Edge of Tomorrow star told stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote her new flick and revealed her co-star, Cruise, somewhat reluctantly went to The Box in London, where “weird things go on that are supposed to make you cringe.”

Emily, 31, whose husband John Krasinski recently shared an adorable photo of the couple’s baby girl Hazel, talked to Jimmy about the hardcore stunts she and her Tomorrow co-star Cruise performed during the filming of the sc-fi action film. Blunt even revealed that the intensity of the shoot “broke” the perpetually optimistic 51-year-old’s spirit.

“We were boiling and we were in these huge suits and there was no space. And we’re hanging in these harnesses with the full weight of the 85-pound suit and your body weight on your groin, which is not fun,” The Devil Wears Prada actress said.

“We’re just hanging there in between takes just waiting for them to get ready and re-light, and I look at Tom and I can just see that insatiable positivity starting to unravel, and I just look at him and he’s pouring with sweat. And I’m just hanging there and I say, ‘This really sucks.’ And he looked at me and he went, ‘It’s a challenge.’ I said, ‘Tom, it sucks!’ And he went, ‘Fine! It sucks!’ I broke him. I broke his spirit.'”

The co-stars apparently bonded during the filming, however, as Emily said she took the Jack Reacher star out to some of her hometown hotspots, including the risqué burlesque club, The Box.

Watch the video above to hear Emily reveal Tom’s response to being taken to the ‘sex club’ to celebrate actor Matt Damon’s birthday.

Edge of Tomorrow opens in theaters June 6th.