Watch Andrew Garfield Dance Up a Storm in Arcade Fire’s ‘We Exist’ Music Video

Andrew's 'Moves'
Andrew Garfield dances for charity on 'Ellen.'
Justin Timberlake and friends weren’t the only ones to dance in a new music video this week.

Andrew Garfield also got in on the dance party, thanks to a new song by Arcade Fire.

In “We Exist,” Arcade Fire’s third single from Reflektor, Garfield gets all dolled up and dons women’s clothing (note the short shorts) and a blonde wig. He later finds himself at a local bar and lets his dance moves do the talking when confronted by a group of men.

If you only have time for a slice of the 6-minute video, fast forward to the last minute for the grand finale. (And watch the whole thing, including his amazing dance sequence, at home).

This isn’t the first time Garfield, 30, has displayed his dance moves.

Some reminders: