Zoe Saldana’s DIY Healthy Hair Tricks

Zoe Saldana may be surrounded by the best hairstylists and makeup artists in Hollywood, but she doesn’t always go professional when she needs a quick beauty boost.

The stunning actress turns to childhood DIY tricks she learned from her mom growing up in the Dominican Republic to revamp her tresses from time to time.

Saldana recalls her younger years in the debut issue of Chica magazine, sharing how her mom gave her a book full of recipes for healthy skin and hair.  “Everything was organic and stuff we already had in the kitchen,” she said.

And now you, too, can try some of those recipes yourself! Here are her top five favorite DIY beauty treatments:

Avocado hair mask

“Overripe avocados are perfect.  You mash them up with a little olive oil, and let the mixture sit on your hair for 30 minutes.  It makes me hungry, so I usually end up rinsing it out too soon.” (LOL!)

White vinegar for shine

“Once a month I rinse my hair with white vinegar and warm water to restore the pH balance to my strands.”

Homemade sun-in

“I did this as a girl when I was living in the Dominican Republic.  You soak hair with rum, then go out in the sun!”

Added warmth and red highlights

“Apply a mix of equal parts beet juice and lemon juice to your hair, then sit in the sun.  You get stunning reddish highlights.”

Olive oil for the ends

“Put your hair in a ponytail and blot a bit of olive oil on the ends.  Your hair just sucks in all that moisture!”

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Do you think you’ll try any of this DIY masks at home?  What are your favorite DIY treatmeants?  Let me know in the comments below!