7 Major Movie Stars Moving to TV This Fall

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Movie stars are about to take over television!

Coming this fall, some of your favorite big-screen stars are heading to the small screen. Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer are just two of the major movie stars that will be appearing on network TV! Want to see what other huge actors are coming to your TV this fall? Check out our gallery! We found seven movie stars that will be appearing on amazing new fall shows

Can you imagine watching some of the most successful film stars in the world on a TV series? Well, it’s about to happen! Seven major movie stars are about to dominate the small screen! Terrence Howard is another incredible actor that will be on your TV screen in just a matter of months! Are you excited? We sure are!

Television is becoming a very hot place for actors to be these days. The material is awesome and huge stars want to get involved with the TV world. That means we get to see film stars appear on our TV sets once a week for an entire year! Score!

Want to see all of the major stars that are coming to your TV this fall? Look at our gallery! We’re naming names and telling you exactly what show each star will be on. Plus, we’re revealing where you can watch all of these new shows! This is a list you NEED to read!

After you check it out, let us know what you think. Which movie star are you most looking forward to seeing on the small screen? Sound off in the comments!