4 Things We Learned About ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ From This New Trailer

Marvel has released a second trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. And while it continues to keep much of the film’s plot under wraps, we’re learning a little more about these largely unfamiliar characters and what to expect from this film.

Here are four things we learned from the brand new trailer:

1. The film will absolutely be as sarcastic as its first trailer.

While this trailer is a bit less sarcastic than the first, there is still a dry humor to it, perhaps more than expected because comic book films tend to take themselves so seriously. But the concept of an intergalactic superhero team that includes a vicious raccoon and a talking tree is almost too silly to take seriously, so expect a sense of humor between what are sure to be very expensive CGI fight sequences.

2. We hear Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel’s voices for the first time.

While the first trailer featured Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel’s CGI characters, we did not hear them speak. But that changes toward the end of this trailer when we finally get to hear both Cooper and Vin Diesel speak as their characters, Rocky and Groot, respectively.

3. Here’s what Glenn Close will look like:

Glenn Close in Guardians of the Galaxy

Brief as it may be, we finally got an official look at Glenn Close as Nova Prime Rael, a sort of space patrol commander. While, again, little is known about the specifics of this film’s plot, it’s been reported that Close’s role is significant. Presumably, she’ll be the leader of a space police organization who is both annoyed by the Guardians’ antics and supportive of their mission.

Not featured in this trailer, however, is Lee Pace, who plays the film’s main villain, Ronan the Accuser. Marvel has, however, released a picture of Ronan the Accuser, which appears to be more concept art than an actual photo of Pace in costume.

4. Chris Pratt’s abs are just as good as you remember.

Chris Pratt and his abs star in Guardians of the Galaxy

Okay this isn’t exactly new, but just a reminder that Chris Pratt’s abs are ridiculous in this movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy comes out August 1, so expect for there to be plenty more trailers, clips, pictures, etc. before the movie comes out.