9 Things You Can Expect From Lea Michele’s New Music Video

Are Naya Rivera and Lea Michele really feuding on the set of 'Glee?'
Lea Michele’s highly anticipated music video for “On My Way” was finally released today, and it’s pretty obvious the Glee actress is trying to take her music career in a much different direction from her television role.

Let’s just say you better get ready to part ways with Rachel Berry because our favorite goodie two-shoes has exchanged her conservative ways for a pair of stilettos and barely-there booty shorts.

And just to make that transition a little easier on you, here are 9 more things you can expect to see out of Lea’s racy new video:

  1. A$$ shots
  2. Lea Michele groping herself
  3. Hair flips
  4. Door humping
  5. A kitten
  6. Lea Michele in a bathtub
  7. A hot blonde guy with scruff
  8. 30 shots of Lea Michele seductively playing with her hair (Yes. 30!)
  9. Lea Michele making out with hot blonde guy’s body

Hopefully I’ve prepared you enough… Now you can go ahead and launch the video above to see for yourself! Enjoy!

What do you think of Lea Michele’s new music video?  Love it or hate it?  Comment below!