What Do You Notice First About This Photo of Rihanna?

Do you first notice Rihanna’s pink hair? Or do you first notice her nipples? I feel like she is trying to pull our eyes upward, to her Nicki Minaj-tinted wig, but she has failed. I know where my eye goes. And after my eye goes to the nips, they go straight to today’s winning captions.

“So I was dating Drake but then I was like hold up I’m still in love with Chris and his face was like..” – Julieann

“Girl this sh*t was not supposed to turn out cotton candy pink” – Megan

“And then Solange went crazy because he was coming to my party” – Zena

“Oh my God, please stop telling me I should of worn a bra! I get it! Just shuuuut uuuup!” – Connie

“Trolling high schoolers on Instagram is just exhausting.” – Alyssa

“Clips and nips” – Carreno

“Home girl,yo’ nipples are on the big screen!!!!” – Rickey

“if you say my hair looks like cotton candy once more, im gonna solange ya ass!!” – Vicky

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