Drake Bell Is Here to Remind You About His Feud With Justin Bieber

Where's the Beef?
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Remember when Drake Bell slammed Justin Bieber for not controlling his millions of minions Beliebers? Of course you do because that’s all that the actor seems to talk about these days! But in case you were living under a rock  these past few weeks, here he is again talking about his oh-so-infamous feud with the Canadian pop star.

In an interview with Yahoo! Music, Bell — once again — calls Bieber “irresponsible” for allowing his fans to use gay slurs and send death threats to anyone who says anything bad about the singer, including celebrities who used to be on a Nickelodeon show that rhymes with “Bake & Posh.”

My fans are all pretty cool, you know. I’ve never really seen anybody fighting on Twitter, no death threats, no harsh language, no gay slurs, nothing like that,” says Bell, who recalls being with flooded with hateful tweets from Beliebers after retweeting an unflattering image of his so-called nemesis years ago. “The floodgates were open … and it was really interesting to see. It just perpetuated into me dealing with his fanbase which is really, really sad.”

“He’s very irresponsible, in my opinion, as far as fans go and as far as anything happens,” he continues, bringing up the fact that Bieber also didn’t bring light to the #CutForBieber campaign that turned out to be a hoax drummed up by 4Chan. “He gets in trouble in the news and then the next day he’s just like, ‘Oh, I love my fans’ and it’s like, ‘Come on. You can’t see through that?'”

However, Bell does empathize with Bieber, saying that he understands the troubled singer didn’t ask to have millions of fans look up to you.

“We didn’t get into it to be role models but there is definitely a responsibility to take,” he explains. “We’re very influential to these young minds and the youth.”

Despite instigating several online fightsBell has previously denied any alleged beef going on between himself and Bieber.

Most recently, Bieber responded to their feud by crashing the actor’s album release party, teasing Bell with several Instagram photos and tweets.