Kendall Jenner Might Want to Stick to Modeling

Kendall Jenner Awkwardly Flubs Billboard Music Award Introduction

Kendall Goes Topless
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The Billboard Music Awards brought lots of excitement last night...

Michael Jackson performed as a Hologram, Robin Thicke begged for Paula Patton back (again), and Kendall Jenner showed us all she doesn't really know how to read that well.

I guess dropping out of high school probably wasn't her best decision, eh?

The reality star was trying so hard to present the band 5 Seconds of Summer, but just couldn't do it.  About half way through the first line she ended up keeling over with laughter and nervously telling the audience, "You guys, I'm the worst reader."

Eeps! Definitely one of the most cringeworthy things we've witnessed (almost as bad as John Travolta's "Adele Nazeem" flub).  But hey! At least she still looked good.

Watch the video above to see the awkward moment play out for yourself.



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  • Lovise Marie Kårvatn Mork
    Lovise Marie Kårvatn Mork

    Everybody has those moments, but most people don't have them on TV..

  • Adam Steele
    Adam Steele

    Who cares if she messed up. This shit right here is nothing more than bullying.