Macklemore Wore a Stupid Costume and Offended Everyone

In Seattle on Friday, Macklemore, 2013's Snow, performed a secret show dressed, for no apparent reason, in a rather offensive costume. The rapper took the stage in a dark wig with a fake nose and a glued-on beard, which many interpreted as a Jewish stereotype. After photos of Macklemore's costume spread online, many began admonishing him.

Even Seth Rogen got in on the action.

But for his part, Macklemore claims the costume was not meant to stereotype.

Why, then, he would wear this is anyone's guess. Ryan Lewis, who did not dress in an offensive costume, remained crazy hot.



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  • Reid Coffman
    Reid Coffman

    He looks more like Ringo Starr to me.

  • Bill Miller
    Bill Miller


  • Clay Henderson
    Clay Henderson

    Seth Rogen... First you try to convince people you are a quality actor... Then you crap on other people's careers to try to convince people you are a quality human being. Your 15-minutes of fame is fading... Quit stealing others' 15-minutes. You are making a fool of yourself.