Paris Hilton Might Have Cougared Up Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton seem like an unlikely couple, but they definitely got rumors swirling with their latest move over the weekend.

The two were spotted partying away in Cannes at Busta Rhymes' birthday bash, and it appears they got quite "familiar" with each other...

Paris, 33,  didn't let the large age gap between her and the "Boyfriend" singer, 20, get in the way of some nightclub canoodling--hopping right into the Biebs' lap at one point in the night while he was sitting atop a throne (typical, right?), sources report.

About an hour later, the two were spotted leaving the club... Together.

While we're not sure what happened after they left--you know, they could have just gone to grab some hamburgers or something--we do know that the hotel heiress has a thing for much younger men.  Her current beau River Viiperi is 22-years-old.  (I wonder what he'll think of her and JB?)  And of course Bieber is no beginner when it comes to older women...

We'll leave the guessing to you.



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  • Tatiana Peddington
    Tatiana Peddington

    Now that's a match made in heaven! Note to Bieb! Paris has a training sex tape out if you interested! You know before the big night......But don't get arrested together that would be just embarrassing! LOL!

  • Meristel Shaw
    Meristel Shaw

    This washed up old whor will do ANYTHING to get her name in the news....