Robert Pattinson Talks “Wonderful” and “Sweaty” Sex Scene With Julianne Moore

'Maps' Trailer
Robert Pattinson has limo sex again in 'Maps to the Stars'.
It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson has a lot of car sex onscreen. So naturally, the topic of his latest romp in the hay leather interior came up during a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival.

While promoting Maps to the Stars, the 28-year-old rated his second — yes, second — experience of doing it in front of the camera for director David Cronenberg. When a reporters asked Pattinson how does his sex scene with Julianne Moore compare to the one he had with Juliette Binoche in 2012’s Cosmopolis, he replied, “They’re both like 7s.”

“I’m joking,” he quickly quipped. “Obviously Julianne [was better].”

“It was a wonderful experience, It was just extremely sweaty,” he continued. “There’s not enough space to really do it. So she’s banging her head on the ceiling. It ended up being kind of funny. But it’s supposed to be kind of erotic.”

Well, at least he didn’t break the bed this time.