Zach Braff Remains Aimless in Another Trailer for ‘Wish I Was Here’

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wish i was here
Check out the first trailer for 'Wish I Was Here.'
If you thought the last trailer for Wish I Was Here couldn’t get any more Zach Braff-ian, boy were you wrong. There’s an entire sequence in this one dedicated to Braff being taunted by an empty container labeled “This pamphlet could save your life.” There’s also the music and just the general sense of listlessness. Zach Braff certainly has a signature.

Wish I Was Here is Braff’s Kickstarter movie/war against the subjunctive case (Wish I Were Here, people) and it comes out July 18. It’s about a 30-something actor who doesn’t know what his life is about. There are also elements that take place in his imagination where he is a superhero. Or something. Mandy Patinkin plays his father and I’d imagine that plot line does not have a happy ending.

The movie sort of feels like an emotional sequel to Garden State; the characters and story are unrelated, but the themes explored here feel like an extension of Garden State‘s just from the perspective of someone ten years older. So if Garden State was your jam, I’d imagine you’ll Wish I Was Here is your cup of tea.