5 Things We Learned From Channing Tatum’s ‘GQ’ Cover Story

Possible Oscar contender Channing Tatum has yet another big year ahead of him.

Which means it’s time for another GQ cover.

In its June 2014 issue, GQ features the 34-year-old actor in a lengthy cover story, documenting everything from his love for cake to how 2014 “was supposed to be my year off.”

Should you decide to save the cover story for a beach read, perhaps with a glass of wine, here are five things to take away for now.

Channing had an imaginary friend.

“His name was Boy,” he tells GQ. He even saved a seat for him at the dinner table when he was a child.

“I would make a plate for him and all that. Crazy behavior. I think I just lived in an imaginary world . . . I think I always saw him as invisible. I couldn’t see features, in a way, but I knew he was there.”

Photo courtesy of Sebastian Kim/GQ

Channing likes to sculpt . . .

Tatum picked up the hobby in 2010 during the filming of Haywire in Santa Fe. He gave it a go after watching some guy doing it for 20 minutes.

“I was, ‘I don’t know why I feel like I can do this, but I feel like I can,’” he recalls.

. . . and drink while sculpting.

The hunky actor enjoys sculpting with a bottle of wine or a glass of bourbon.

“I probably drink too much, you know. My wife, that’s what she bought into . . . I’m probably a pretty high-functioning, I guess, you know, I would say, alcoholic, I guess.”

Photo courtesy of Sebastian Kim/GQ

He once “drank the blood of James Franco.”

In a scene cut from the final version of This Is the End, Tatum chops off James Franco’s foot and consumes the blood gushing from the stump.

“I mean, when can I say I’ve drank the blood of James Franco? Why wouldn’t I go and do that?”

Channing and Jonah Hill made quite the bet on the success of 21 Jump Street.

When 21 Jump Street took in $36 million on opening weekend, Tatum won a bet against Jonah Hill (as the former predicted the film would gross more than $35 million).

Hill apparently told his co-star and friend a few nights prior, “I will kiss your tip! I will kiss the tip of your d**k through your underwear if we make $35 million.”

In retrospect, Hill tells GQ, “I will only say that Channing and I say a lot of stupid stuff when we drink together . . . it’s a lose-lose for both parties, I feel. I’d have to clear it with [Tatum’s wife] Jenna . . . there’s all sort of loopholes that have to be taken into consideration.”

Photo courtesy of Sebastian Kim/GQ

22 Jump Street opens next month.

For more of Channing Tatum’s cover story, head over to GQ.