WATCH: A Shirtless Justin Bieber Shows Off His Rapping Skillz at Cannes

Justin Bieber is looking for a little more street cred!

The notorious bad boy got his party on in Cannes Monday night at Gotha nightclub–the same club in which he was spotted canoodling with Paris Hilton–hopping on stage in a red and black plaid shirt and stunner shades to serve as Rick Ross’ hypeboy and shower the crowd in beer.


As the night grew later, the Biebs eventually ended up with his shirt off (as per usual) and got on the mic to show off his mad rapping skillz, yo!

Spitting out a few lines of “Dear Mama,” Bieber showed some love for 2Pac’s classic and gave the crowd a good show.

Now, all of you can go ahead and hate on this… But let’s be real:  If that was you, getting “turnt” in the club, and someone hands you the mic during one of your favorite songs, you’re 100% singing along.  And if you say no, I’d bet your drunken courage would speak otherwise.