Brody Jenner Declines Invite to Kim Kardashian's Wedding

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Not all the Jenners will be able to watch Kim Kardashian walk down the aisle.

While patriarch Bruce Jenner was spotted hopping onto a flight to Paris this week, his son and fellow Keeping Up With the Kardashians co-star, Brody Jenner, has opted not to attend what's sure to be the the wedding of the year. (Come on, this is Kanye West's nuptials that we're talking about.)

According to Us Weekly, Brody will not be at the lavish ceremony because his girlfriend of seven months, Kaitlynn Carter, was not invited to the bash. Multiple insiders say that Brody -- along with many other guests -- were not given the option for a plus-one.

Though Kim's step-brother will be missing the fun, Brody's half-siblings, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, are already in France to prepare for the big day. Sources tell the publication that Brandon Jenner and his wife will be at the ceremony too.

Other famous guests who will also be in attendance include Brittny Gastineau, Serena WilliamsBlac Chyna and Jonathan Cheban.

Hey, at least Brody doesn't have to decide whether he'd like the chicken or the fish now, right?



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  • Krystal Harrison
    Krystal Harrison

    To add on to the comment about Kanye planning his own wedding, not supra sing to me being that he is a control freak and picks out Kim's clothes now. We have two control freaks. Good luck with that. Kim might stay with him longer because she has a baby with him and that he's very famous. She's all about her image. Mother like daughter.

  • georgiegirl

    After all, this IS Kim's third least two lavish ones, so let's not make a big deal about the people that decide, for whatever reason, that they're not going to fly to Paris to partake in this one.

  • Jamie Rogers
    Jamie Rogers

    I think that Kim needs to stand up to Kanye and tell him that Brody is her step brother and that if he wants to bring his girlfriend then that's fine. He's family and he always will be let's hope. I honestly believe if Brody had called Kim up and asked her "Do u mind if I bring my girlfriend??" Kim would have said that is fine because like they have just said Ciara and Future will not be able to make it due to her giving birth to their baby boy. So it's not like there wouldn't be an available seat. Just wrong not to invite all your family. How much u want to guarantee all of Kanye's family and little entourage will all be in attendance??? How pathetic!!!! First time I heard of a guy running and planning the Shit I think it's the only time a male rapper/superstar has planned their own wedding :-D . Kanye might lose some street cred awe shit.

  • Teresa Reams-Raynor
    Teresa Reams-Raynor

    @AmyZonca, If you allowed every1 to bring a plus 1, you'd have all types of ppl at "your' wedding. A wedding is supposed 2 be for ppl that actually love you both & that cares about yall's love, not the (many)girlfriend's of your brother. Wouldn't happen at mines, anyways.

  • Amy Zonca
    Amy Zonca

    Who has a wedding and doesn't allow guests to have a plus one? That's pretty tacky....and Jonathan Cheban is only "famous" when he's actually being photographed next to KK.