Cannes Film Fest 2014 Best and Worst Dressed: Day 6

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Honestly, I was much less concerned about the attire at Cannes today than I was about Ryan Gosling walking the red carpet.

Of course, I may be biased in the fact that he could be wearing a pile of trash and still look undeniably sexy, but tonight he was literally drool-worthy.  Everything about him screamed perfection, and thus, he topped my list for the day’s Best Dressed.

Unfortunately, another beautiful specimen wasn’t so lucky.  Alessandra Ambrosio will always stun on the carpet because she is actually flawless, but her choice of gown tonight overpowered all her beauty… And not in a good way.


While some may be disappointed that Ryan Gosling went for the more classic attire tonight, there’s nothing more pleasing to my eyes than a hot man in a sharp, structured suit.  He looks beyond sexy in this Salvatore Ferragamo navy tuxedo with a crisp, white button up and black Ferragamo patent leather loafers.  And just like I’m glad to see no Eva Mendes in sight (that’s horrible of me, but I’m not sorry), I personally appreciated his no-tie choice… It makes him stand out form the rest of the men on the carpet.


At first glance, I thought Alessandra Ambrosio’s dress was just the right amount of fancy for Cannes, but quickly realized it’s just a hot mess.  The patterned sleeve with the accent shoulder and the detail of the beading across her torso with that high slit was way, way too much happening all on one gown.  Had the dress been strapless, I would have loved it a lot more.  Luckily for Alessandra, her beauty (and amazing body) help her pull this off in way that it’s not completely terrible.