Justin Bieber Reveals He’s Not Sleeping With Paris Hilton as He Gives Cannes a Shirtless Thrill

Singer Justin Bieber took his tattoos for a walking in Cannes, France today (May 20, 2014).

The shirtless Biebs was sporting orange shorts outside the Martinez Hotel with his dutiful bodyguards in tow. At one point it looked as if he gave his “little Bieber” a grab. You gotta check on it once in a while.

There were rumors going around the Justin had hooked up with Paris Hilton after images surfaced of the unlikely duo leaving rapper Busta Rhymes’ birthday party at Gotha Nightclub in Cannes, France Saturday.

TMZ is reporting that Hilton is not dating, nor sleeping with, the 20-year-old singer.

50 people went back to Justin’s house, however, Paris was never alone with him, and she left the party after half an hour.

“She couldn’t spend more than a half-hour with him,” reported the gossip site Tuesday of the pair’s May 17 outing, adding that despite contradicting reports, Hilton, 33, couldn’t get away from the pop star fast enough because he was playing his own songs at this party.

I’m actually quite relieved that Justin and Paris didn’t hookup, that just would have been so icky and wrong in so many ways.

See more pics of a shirtless Justin Bieber in Cannes in the gallery above.