Rob Kardashian Tweets That He Knows He's Fat, Khloe Comes to His Defense

Rob Kardashian
A lot has to be said for self awareness.

Rob Kardashian, who was pictured at LAX airport on Sunday, the first time he has been seen in public for several weeks, laughed off reports he has been to rehab or "fat camp" to address his weight problems, and insists he will do something about his size when he feels ready to.

In a series of tweets the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, publicly addressed all the talk of his heftier frame.



That is when Rob's sister Khloe weighed in (no pun intended) on the Twitter trend. She was less diplomatic than Rob was.



The Kardashian family is currently gathering in Europe ahead of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's forthcoming nuptials on Saturday the 24th.



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  • Nicola Bramhall
    Nicola Bramhall

    i think he looks just as hot ether way enjoy ur life hun forget the haters

  • Tiang Yien Yee
    Tiang Yien Yee

    Anyways is Rob kardashian life.. let him do and be what he want.. non of your people business.. he is fat or muscular or slim or skinny.. still his body but not you all.. so mind your business.. let him live his way of his own life..

  • Deb Czupkiewicz Langford
    Deb Czupkiewicz Langford

    I don't understand what the dig deal is...Yes it looks like he's gained weight...but, come on far from fat......Kind of sad when this is all you have for "news"