Bikini-Clad Selena Gomez Gets Deep on Instagram, Still Loves Pickles

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Selena Gomez would like everyone to know she’s doing just fine.

On Tuesday night, the 21-year-old entertainer took to Instagram to share a beachside photo, complete with beach hair and a teeny tiny yellow bikini.

“Taking my power back.. can’t wait to show you where I’ve been. I love y’all,” Gomez wrote.

“Ps, I still obsess over pickles.”

Good to know, SelGo, good to know.

(For the non-Selenators out there, Gomez is referring to her lifelong love for pickles. She loves the vinegary treat so much she requested to have a supply of pickles during her Stars Dance World Tour last year).

Launch the gallery, above, for some of Selena Gomez’s sexiest photos on Instagram.



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  • Jessika Alvarez
    Jessika Alvarez

    Well, she's from Texas! And the one thing we Texans love is pickles for snacks, especially at the movies. That's the typical Texas movie treat: popcorn, coke, and pickles. I love pickles myself!!