Iggy Azalea is The Realest When It Comes to Messing Up on Live TV

Whether it’s problems with lip syncing or background music, every performer eventually faces a mess up (or 12) at some point in his or her career… Unfortunately for Iggy Azalea, her mess up happened on live TV.

The 23-year-old singer had some technical issues while performing “Fancy” on a live showing of Dancing With the Stars Tuesday night.  Needless to say the moment was a wee bit cringe-worthy, but allowed us to see Iggy handle herself like a total rockstar.

Instead of throwing a bitch fit (which we’ve seen Selena Gomez do before), she just apologized to the crowd and kept going.  Later that evening she took to Twitter to apologize a second time:

You can watch the whole performance by hitting play on the video above!