Katy Perry Seduces Madonna in S&M-Themed ‘V’ Magazine Shoot

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It’s every pop fan’s wet dream come true: Katy Perry and Madonna seducing each other with ropes, chains and hair-pulling… Ow, ow!

Last week Katy hinted at the sexy project in an Instagram photo that showed her crawling on the floor, reaching for Madonna’s leg with the caption, “Mmmmm my baby’s got a secret.”

And now secret’s out! The two divas are letting their naughty sides play while posing together in an S&M-themed photoshoot for the upcoming summer issue of V magazine.

The provocative shoot features the two ladies clad in lingerie and leather.  At one point the “Birthday” singer is straddling Madonna while pulling her hair… And although it might look all sexy and hot, both ladies agreed it was a painful experience.

“I was sore in my upper body and in my butt area from all that squatting,” Perry told the magazine.

Madonna laughed, “It’s good to be sore in your butt.  My neck is sore from that wonderful moment when I was sucking on your heel.”

As you can imagine, the two got pretty close while posing together for this raunchy shoot, becoming fast friends over the whole experience.

“I really enjoyed working with you,” Madge told Perry.  “People always expect when two divas get together that there might be weird vibes or a strange competitiveness, but this was nice and easy and fun.”

And the feeling was clearly mutual as Katy added, “If you ever come to the show, there’s a little wink to you.  I’m paying my dues!”

I don’t know about you… But I can’t WAIT to see where this friendship takes us!