Brad Pitt Shakes His Booty on Stage to ‘Sex Machine’ with Bruno Mars

Brad Pitt On Set
Pitt shoots scenes for 'World War Z.'
This past weekend at the Make It Right fundraising gala in New Orleans, Brad Pitt shook his bon bon onstage with Bruno Mars to “Sex Machine” and now video of the performance has emerged, which you can watch below.

The video isn’t the best quality, but you can make out Brad shaking his booty onstage with a tambourine along with Bruno to the beat of the James Brown classic.

“I love New Orleans!” Pitt, 50, told the very excited crowd at the fundraising gala in New Orleans on Saturday (May 17, 2014).

Mars kicks off the song with a little ode to Pitt, “You might have seen him in Fight Club. You might have seen him in Inglourious Basterds. Benjamin Button.”

Mars goes on to repeat Benjamin Button a few more times. “I really like Benjamin Button,” Mars informed he crowd.

But the best part is when Mars ad-libs at the 1:09 mark, “Brad Pitt you sexy motherfucker.”

Sandra Bullock later joined him onstage to host the fundraiser’s live auction, which earned more than $4 million for Mars’ post-Hurricane Katrina redevelopment.

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