Charlize Theron Calls “Bulls**t” on That Whole Gluten-Free Trend

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Don’t tell Goop, but Charlize Theron is a believer in bread. During an appearance on Chelsea Lately, Theron and Chelsea Handler got to talking about some gluten-free cupcakes which Handler had sent to Theron and let’s just say she did not appreciate them very much. “I just think that if you’re going to send a gift, let it be enjoyable,” Theron said. “Why send me a f**king cupcake with no sugar in it? What’s the use? There’s no use; it tastes like cardboard.”

Charlize Theron, Our Patron Saint of Bread Loving.

Theron and Handler then discussed a birthday brunch which Theron threw for Handler and got into it over the presence of a gluten-free cake at said brunch. They bickered for a bit and then the whole thing sort of devolved into a Snapchat session with Chelsea. I’ve watched the video a couple times and I’m still not sure how we ended up where we did.

Anyway, in case she hadn’t made it clear, Theron shared her thoughts about the gluten-free diet phenomenon. “First of all, I think the gluten-free thing is bulls**t,” Theron said. “Sorry, that’s just me. It’s bulls**t. I don’t believe it and I think studies now recently just proved that it is bulls**t. I actually do think it’s bulls**t. And I think it’s rude for you to only have gluten-free cake when none of us eat gluten-free, except you, who then didn’t eat the cake.”